Welcome to Frank Theus Counseling

You are in the right place. Taking the right step forward. I am here to help you. I believe counseling is your best bet for confronting what you don’t like about your life and progressing in what you do like. You probably have trouble in relationships at work and at home. It’s leaving you frustrated, lonely, stressed out, angry and down. That’s what you feel when you are stuck in old thoughts and behaviors that don’t work for you anymore – and maybe never did.

How I Can Help You

First, I will listen to you. We will work at your pace to identify which life experiences have had impact on your current sense of well-being. I will provide you a safe place and enough space to discover peace-of-mind that seems impossibly elusive now. We’ll restore your hope for mending broken relationships at home and at work. I am eager to share this healing venture by providing consultation and counseling to first responders, clergy, veterans, professionals, athletes and students… and I’m here for someone just like you, too.


"For years I've struggled with porn and sex problems which were destroying my self-worth and marriage. I Googled for help and found you [Frank Theus]."

"A friend of mine referred me to you because he himself benefited from working with you in the past."

"My S/12-step sponsor told me to get into counseling with a CSAT therapist. I called, and now I'm here."

"I'm a combat vet who struggles with porn and depression and I want things to be different in my life."

"As a pastor I wanted to work with a therapist who would honor my faith convictions helping me to sort through the high expectations of my calling and the profound sense of loneliness I feel from time-to-time."

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